Dumb blonde?

Saw this post a while back and had to reblog. It just helps emphasise my point about how the media can indirectly or directly fuel prejudices. You can’t say that in comedy form a stereotype portraying a particular group in society is funny but in real life the same stereotype or a negative comment in the same light is unacceptable. (That’s that crap I don’t like…)

My inner workings.

I’m not quite sure where the “dumb blonde” stereotype originates from, but I’m here to tell you that it is certainly no joke. People can be extremely short-sighted when it comes to hair color, and in a world where racism and other types of prejudice are still extremely prevalent, it comes as no surprise that a prejudice about blonde hair is also present.

It wasn’t until I got a little older that I started noticing others treating me differently, almost like less of an equal. Thinking back, the majority of my friends always had dark hair, while mine was always very light. Even though I always did fairly well in school, sometimes better than my friends, my intelligence was never acknowledged or appreciated. In high school, if I ever did better on a paper or test than my friend, she would get mad and assume it was because the teacher…

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