Reverse racism: Hahaha. You’re so blonde…!

The movie white chicks was released in 2004. It’s a clear example of how double standards exist in Hollywood and more precisely in the media. I don’t think the movie got that much slack for the Wayans use of white face in their portrayal of two American blonde girls as opposed to if had been the reverse. Again, I am not saying that the producers intended to be racist or are racist but I am saying that stereotypes can be destructive even if you may not personally see how, especially since comedy cleverly disguises even the most distasteful subjects in a way that makes them acceptable.–Xg7xo (I do not own this video or the clips contained within it)

And just to get this off my mind: Just because YOU may find something funny it does not mean that everybody should. Those people who keep saying people like me with an opinion should “get a sense of humour” because it is only comedy should stop. I don’t need to laugh at something I feel is a bunch of cheap laughs at another’s expense. Real people are affected by stereotypes and prejudice that follows so this is something that needs to be addressed.


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