About me

Name: Evee.

Age: 23.

Education: Studying for a Sociology degree.

Reasons for blogging: I actually only took up blogging very recently as part of a coursework project I have to hand in. However, I actually enjoy blogging now… being able to say your mind and meet other like minded people is great! I’ve never blogged before but it is becoming an interesting venture for me.

How did you arrive at your blog topic?: Popular culture is everywhere and there’s no way you can avoid it. I grew up in the era of digitization so I got the best of the internet and the old media. I’ve always loved cartoon shows, music, films, artsy stuff and much more. All types of cultural forms are easily accessible to us just through the click of a button. As a child you tend to watch things and understand from one perspective because you’re still in the process of learning new things and developing abstract thinking. Of course once you hit the teenage years you understand what stereotypes are and how groups of people are portrayed in the media but you don’t seem to be able to say much about it.

I’ve studied sociology plus media and cultural studies for a while now and it’s just more obvious to me how the media creates entertainment out of stereotypes and even racism in a variety of instances. I felt that the very fact that children are exposed to comedy with incorrect representations of groups of people in society will corrupt them and they will learn to accept it as okay. This even applies to adults too, especially those of low education levels who rely on television to teach them about other cultures. Those who live in remote areas also get a negative view of others, as well as those in the big cities who learn from tv that all small, hidden communities are inhabited by savages. Humour that needs to include racism is just bad humour in my opinion.

Pink or Blue? Neither. I like lilac. 🙂

Any hobbies: Drawing. At the moment i’m stuck in animation phase so i do a lot of cartoon/anime style pieces every now and then. Like doodles, but i like doing portraits.

Additional thought:

Well said Jobs...

Even though Jobs was probably referring to technological development and creativity in relation to Apple here I still think he makes a good point. Think outside the box people!

(I do not own this image)




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